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Fluffy Bunny

You know that feeling after seeing pictures of yourself?  That feeling where you feel like you look like you weighed a gazillion tons in each photo.  Where you think your face looks super chubby, like you have been chomping down marshmallow after marshmallow in a game of "fluffy bunny".  That you feel like a fat-fatty.

Like a fluffy, fluffy bunny.

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Vincent van Gough is one of my favorite artists, him and his tragic life.  Started painting at 27, killed himself by 37, lived off of his brother's dime, fell in love with a hooker, then a cousin and sold only one painting in his career.  Let's not forget lopping off a chunk of his left ear after a spat with his roommate, Gaugin, and a stint in the looney bin.  Even in suicide, he wasn't that successful, shooting himself in the chest, and still took three days to die... poor guy.  His last words were "I wish it were all over now".  But his art is awesome.
Working in different character designer styles, the below Vinny was inspired by Stephen Silver's style.  And Vinny gets a gun in this doodle. And a song. Replace "Janie" with "Vinny".

Janies Got A Gun by Aerosmith on Grooveshark

click to biggify   rough sketch of Vinny

click to biggify    clean drawing of Vinny

click to biggify   Vinny in the "Wheat Field with Crows" his last painting before shooting himself... poor guy.



Super awesome stuff

It's that time of year where knots are being tied all over the place.  This happy couple is pretty awesome, so I made them some super hero art.

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Short, short

Short, short animation

I've heard "you have the attention span of a gnat" a few times.  424 frames later...
PS: you pronounce "gnat" as GUH-nat.



drawing on paper and stuff

I don't have a computer for a bit, and started drawing on paper again. Once I got over not having ctrl z, ctrl e or ctrl s (undo, erase, save), I remembered how much I loved drawing on paper. Typing on a tablet is a whole other story.
Here is a doodle

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Mom's and stuff

Mother's Day is just about here.  I made this for my Mom (cuz my Mom is awesomer than your mom) :).  It's good card for all kinds of Mom occaisions, but I am sharing it for Mother's Day.
I will be selling this things soon as well as some other card goodies.  I will let you know when and where, when and where it happens.

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Have a happy Mother's Day out there, all you Moms!



Family Tree

I friggin' love working on this kind of stuff!
Commissioned to work for a really cool grandma and make something for her grand kids, it was blue sky territory and I thought a height chart would be rad for the kids.
Here's a look...

(click to biggify) rough color before final line. It's pretty cool to see the work without line.
(click to biggify) final line and color
(click to biggify) Final art, with the kids hanging out in their family tree

Had a blast working on it, and hope the little ones dig their Easter presents.



Collaboration awesomeness!

Erik Hermansen of Seespace Labs and I have joined forces again, and we are making some art!  Check it out, www.seespacelabs.com now has a podcast, "Machine Court".  Erik is covering several topics that machines and science and technology that are having great effects on our lives and what may be coming in the future concerning them and our changing ideas of ethics.

I drew up some characters that will be visiting the podcast.  Meet (center) Erik, Emily (left of Erik) Sean Shankey (right of Erik), Spogey (the green gentleman) and Mr. Stomps (the large fellow in the back):

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Here's a rough drawing of the crew before getting vectorized...
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I'll be doing weekly art for the podcast episodes, and will be sure to post some up here.

Have a rockin' awesome St. Patty's Day!



Camping Fever

It's finally March!  But, that doesn't mean all the snow is gone... yet.  I went to check on a few of my favorite nature sojourn spots, and they are still under quite a bit (feet) of snow... The puppy and I are kinda patiently waiting to get out there, and find some new adventure.

Little River by The Tallest Man on Earth on Grooveshark

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So if you are in my neck of the woods, beware... I might be asking you to come along. :)

-iCKY and Wybie


Love Stinks (yeah yeah)

Valentines was just a bit ago... and I meant to post a whole bunch of art I was working on.... so I will save it for next year. :)
In the mean time, here's a sneak peek of the sugar frosted, sprinkled glory....
Cupid can be a pain in the butt sometimes, right?  Best viewed eating discount Valentine's candy, and listening to this rockin' song

Love Stinks by The J. Geils Band on Grooveshark

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60 MPH in 4.5 minutes

What's mean, green, and can go backwards at seven miles an hour?  The family station wagon.
Here's the Healy Family's wagon for the collaboration graphic novel with Kevin Finnerty.  I am ready to rock and roll and get the script storyboarded, and will be soon starting on getting pages drawn out.  So if you are in San Francisco in October, come to Alternative Press Expo.  We are going to be there with a indie graphic novel. :)

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Did a couple of color tests, and the green wagon was most obnoxious, I mean, appropriate (just the sight elicits the feeling of being crammed into a small car on hot summer family vacations with crummy radio, doesn't it?)

Posting more work, as it comes along.



Spring fever

I love camping.  A lot.  And with the weather is doing the song and dance of clearing up and melting up and brightening the blue in the sky before stealthily dropping several inches of snow overnight, those brief breaks from full on winter make me think of camping.  It's all I think about these days...

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I am working on a personal indie comic Nature, No Nurture about my love for nature and camping, and those that I try and share my gusto with.  More updates will be posted as I work along.

I don't know about you, but I am looking forward to hills and mountain sides dotted in new green buds and wildflowers and spending nights listening to the sound of swollen creeks and fire crackles, underneath the stars...

Friggin' love camping



Nature, No Nurture: Wendell, now in COLOR

Another update on Wendell, the modern day Mountain Man, for my indie comic "Nature, No Nurture"
Another slice of my working progress, here is rough palette (don't adjust your T.V. sets, you are seeing color) before moving onto clean line and artwork.

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I will keep posting progress as I work along.

It's getting closer to spring in my neck of the woods. The weather cleared up here for a few days. The icy roads turned to slush, the sky was a bit bluer than it's been in a while. It makes me think of spring, green hills and mountain sides with white peaks, and CAMPING! Spring fever has hit, even if snow is in the forecast. This girl would rather be camping...  More stories to add to the expirience.